About Us

Who are we?

Firstly, we thank you for visiting our website. We are currently working as Quantity Surveyors with years of working experience in the construction field. Despite of our passion on construction industry our other areas of interests includes blogging, technology and computer systems.

What do we provide?

We post valuable information on QS practices, experience and resources to share what our readers need to know. further, you can share our valuable article with other professionals through this website.

Here it is manly included the practices, responsibilities, duties and everything more you need to know about the profession of QS in a way of “easy to understand” and practical.

We always make sure to keep a “call to action button” that is by attaching useful links to urge our readers to opt-in to a newsletter, new job opportunities, maybe it directs to a product page and so on, in order to keep you informed on all of our exciting news on QS.

Why we do it?

QS plays an important role in construction industry to make a construction project a success. So you maybe in doubt of what actually this profession does?

The reason behind launching this website at first place is our passion in the field of QS. We are happy to mention that we don’t maintain this website on commercial purposes, but in sole purpose of sharing knowledge for those who are interested and really in thirst of knowledge in QS.

We intend to support the education of the trainees in this field and those who are already in the profession and also to update readers on professional developments and new opportunities.

Not only those who are in QS field but we provide guidance and information to the clients, contractors who are looking for or hiring a QS to get better results from their construction projects by selecting the capable QS.

We wish to build a network to share knowledge and solve issues regarding this field therefore feel free to share your knowledge, comments on our work but you are welcome to prove us wrong as well.